Certified Dementia Care Manager® CDCM®

CDCM® is the earned credential that recognizes the highest standard in Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care education and Dementia Unit Manager Certification for those health care professionals that oversee, manage and supervise the day to day operations of dementia units.

How Do I Obtain Certification?

Initial Application for Members with other NCCDP Certification(s)

  1. Log into your account.
  2. If not a current CADDCT, complete the CADDCT Registration form first.
  3. Then complete the Certified Dementia Care Manager® (CDCM®) application form.

Initial Application for Members without an NCCDP Certification

  1. Complete the CADDCT Registration form first. 
  2. Then return to your account page and complete the Certified Dementia Care Manager® (CDCM®) application form.

More About CDCM®

It is a requirement to obtain the Certified Alzheimer’ Disease and Dementia Care Trainer (CADDCT) certification prior to applying for the CDCM certification.

The CDCM training session will take place via a conference call. The call is approximately three hours long and is interactive. If your CDCM application is approved, a mutually agreeable time will be arranged.

The CDCM® certification includes a CDCM Dementia Unit Policy & Procedure Manual. The manual includes the following: Dementia Unit Best Practices, Dementia Unit Manager Job Description, Admission and Discharge Agreement and Policy, and much more. This manual may be used as an example but may not be copied.

Renewal Process

Renew Certification

Login to your account and if eligible to renew, a renewal button will be visible on your account page. The renewal button will show up 60 days prior to the expiration date.

CDCM® Frequently Asked Questions

Those who oversee a dementia unit are welcome to apply for the CDCM certification.

To complete your CDCM application, you will need to upload a letter from your Supervisor/Executive Director stating that you oversee a dementia unit, plus a letter of recommendation from someone familiar with your work ethic. You will need to upload your CADDCT certificate and your resume as well.

The fee to apply for the CDCM certification is $700.

You will need to renew your CDCM certification every two years. You will receive an email with renewal information about two months prior to your expiration date.